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Silver Fox supplies downhole tools to the oil services industry. Our tools help transform a hole in the ground into a productive well.

Here you’ll find six downhole completion tools that offer the quality and effectiveness you need with the durability required to endure downhole conditions:

  • The CW and WR series retrievable bridge plugs can be set with a wireline or hydraulic tool or with coil tubing working with an appropriate setting tool. Use these for cementing, fracturing, zone isolation, or temporary abandonment. The CW Retrieval Tool equalizes, releases, and retrieves our CW bridge plugs.
  • The B110/120 HST setting tools are pressure activated and run on jointed or coiled tubing or drill pipe. Use this tool for packers, bridge plugs, and cementing tools that would otherwise be set on a wireline.
  • Our M Fluid Control Valve supports low reservoir pressure injection wells, supporting the hydrostatic head within the tubing and providing surface control of fluids.
  • When you need a packer that handles high-pressure differentials in fracturing, acidizing, squeeze cementing, or other remedial applications, you need the TXT-2 packer. This tool features carbide-inserted drag blocks and slips and a three-piece packing element for high performance.
  • The MCCL Collar Locator has drag blocks mounted on a solid or swivel base to locate the collar running into or out of the hole.
  • Our Tubing Centralizer reduces friction on the well wall, as it centralizes the tool string in the well bore, helping to ensure the normal operation of your downhole equipment.

When oil exploration pays off with the discovery of a new reservoir, or when a well has given up all it has, Silver Fox has the downhole completion tools you need to complete a productive well, and a selection of downhole service tools to isolate well segments, conduct repairs, or cap depleted wells.

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