We provide high-quality oil and gas tools, tool coatings, and the expertise you need to get a well into production quickly.

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Top quality downhole tools Five star protective coatings

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Your responsive partner for downhole well completion

When you’re working on downhole well completion, time is money. We get you the downhole completion tools and tool coatings you need when you need them. Our application know-how helps you get the best performance and longest life from your completion project.

Downhole tools for oil
 and gas completions

We provide a broad range of downhole oil well completion tools (packers, bridge plugs and more) so you can be prepared for any unique set of challenges. Our tools are based on time-tested designs, improved through experience and modern 3D Cad design and manufacturing techniques.

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Protective Coatings to combat corrosion

Downhole environments can be challenging with acidic, abrasive, and other corrosive agents that can shorten the life of tools and components. We offer a range of protective tool coatings and expertise in how and when to use them.

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Fast delivery. Top quality. Downhole expertise.

Breakdowns and repairs are costly for any oil well operation. When you’re on the job, time is money, so we get you the well completion equipment you need fast. As oil and gas tool suppliers, we know that quality is just as important as fast delivery, so we provide top-quality downhole completion tools and coatings you need to prevent costly breakdowns and repairs later on.

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Silver Fox supplies downhole completion tools and offers protective coating capabilities with service locations in Texas, United States and in Alberta, Canada. We pride ourselves on our reputation of having friendly and knowledgeable staff members who are committed to excellence and expediency. With over 6,600 items in inventory and counting, we aim to be your one-stop oil and gas tool supplier.

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From the moment you contact us to the time you receive your product, we are with you every step and confidently stand behind our work. Our expert staff offer many years of hands-on experience in their respective fields and are glad to share their knowledge with you. Our website also offers customers an extensive library of easy to read and well-illustrated Technical Units.

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We have you covered with over 13 years in the business and 80+ years in combined experienced, in-house engineering and detail orientated technical information. We strive to offer an extensive amount of field-proven inventory including tools with protective coatings. So, ask us if we have it – we probably do! Silver Fox is an excellent choice among oil and gas tool suppliers to save you time and money.

Quality downhole completion tools and tool coatings to prevent disruptions on the job

A responsive, knowledgeable partner for successful well completion

Downhole well completions must be done quickly and meet extremely precise standards. You need an oil and gas tool supplier to give you:

  • Top quality products: Our downhole completion tools and tool coatings offer unparalleled performance and long service life
  • Expert advice: Our extensive knowledge of downhole conditions and requirements, tool design and performance, as well as tool coatings gives you added value
  • Unique products: Our skilled engineers improve time-tested oil tool designs. Then we manufacture these tools in-house to exacting standards
  • Responsive service: Fast turnarounds & responsive service to avoid costly disruptions on the job

When you need oil well completion tools, contact Silver Fox.


The quality of workmanship they provide and willingness to ensure you are buying the right product for your applications, keeps us loyal and happy.

Mel L. (2014)

Just want to say thank you for all the hard work and precision timing. I appreciate your speed and efficiency, especially when I give you short notice. A big thank you to you and your great staff!

Josh T. (2013)

We have been working alongside Silver Fox for many years and can always count on great quality products when we have need them. (Even if it’s the middle of the night). Anthony has taken the time to answer and provide documentations to clarify any questions that have arose Silver Fox is a Professional, top quality tool provider!

Dave M (2017)

Silver Fox has always put customers first right from day 1. This has helped shape them into the reliable, dedicated company in which they are today. From after hours calls, last minute pick ups, to coated systems, they are always willing to help. They really understand and work with the "schedule" of the oilfield. Great work Silver Fox, it's been exciting watching you grow over the years!

Kevin R. (2022)

Well I can definitely without a doubt say you guys are great to deal with. When we call in, you guys rise to occasion and in a timely fashion deliver product quick so we can get the jobs out the door. Example was the hard-coated Nipples we grabbed a few weeks ago, appreciate it thank you.

John M. (2022)

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When you need downhole tools or tool coatings for an oilfield completion project, contact us. You’ll love the quality, expertise and fast turnaround we offer.

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