Mechanical Collar Locator

Mechanical Collar Locator

The MCCL (mechanical collar locator) consists of indexing drag blocks that are mounted on either a swivel body or solid body.  The tool provides a reliable means to locating casing collars as the tool is ran in or out of the hole. 

The index blocks can be orientated to indicate casing collars while going in the hole or coming out.

The locator can be configured to indicate collars as it is run into or out of the hole, providing operational flexibility. Rugged construction gives the locator adequate strength to withstand side loadings and indicate collar location, proving reliability even in high-angle and horizontal wells. The mechanical collar locator shows positive service-tool positioning in relation to the ports of an inflatable packer or a mechanical port collar, enabling proper inflation or cementing.


  • Solid or Swivel body design
  • Heat treated index blocks provide long service life
  • index blocks can be configured to indicate casing collars from either running into or pulling out of hole
  • High strength construction to withstand side loading in high deviate or horizontal wells

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