Oil Field Equipment Supplier in Sanger, TX

Oil and gas drillers worldwide rely on Silver Fox for downhole tools and protective coatings that keep wells operating productively. As an oilfield equipment supplier with offices in Sanger, TX, we’re convenient for drillers in Texas and Oklahoma, but we ship worldwide from our locations in Sanger, TX, as well as our location in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

With decades of combined experience in the oil and gas exploration and extraction industry, the team at Silver Fox serves as an oil and gas equipment supplier for major multinational oil companies as well smaller local operations in Texas, Oklahoma, and other oil-producing states. We’re a wholesaler for well-known downhole tool manufacturers and can quickly supply packers, plugs, retainers, and anchor catchers that drillers need for well completion or well abandonment.

In addition to the thousands of downhole well completion tools we keep in our inventory, we also supply protective coatings that can stand up to harsh downhole conditions. We’re the oilfield equipment supplier that well construction and maintenance businesses rely on for the tools necessary to keep the job on schedule and the well running smoothly and efficiently.

Sanger, TX, is a small town with a close-knit community. But its proximity to Dallas–Fort Worth means that supplies can flow in and out quickly via interstate highways and one of the busiest airports in the world. That means that Silver Fox, as a global oil and gas equipment supplier, has given Sanger, TX, an outsized influence on the oil and gas industry worldwide. Oil and gas industry experts know that they’ll find the equipment from downhole tool manufacturers they need at Silver Fox, and that Silver Fox will deliver those tools and supplies to them quickly.

The experts at Silver Fox also share their years of experience and their expertise with oil and gas service companies. We can help identify the correct tools for well completions, well controls, workovers, and abandonments to ensure the tools will withstand the conditions present at each well where they’re deployed. Bring us your toughest well completion problems, and we’ll find the tools and coatings you need to get past them and keep the well producing at the expected volume. Contact Silver Fox today for the downhole oil and gas equipment you need today.