Creating Value

Silver Fox Completion Services has leveraged the experience it has in both downhole tools and protective coatings to provide our customers with the best options available. By supplying the downhole tools as well as having in-house protective coating capabilities, Silver Fox Completion Services has you covered.

By having on-hand inventory in both Standard configuration as well as Coated, ensures quick delivery to you while also saving you time and money by having parts ready off the shelf.


A customer calls in for an Injection job that requires a 4-1/2″ Packer with a protective coating on it. Now there are two ways to combat this request.

Option A

  1. Order Packer from supplier (1-2 day delivery) Pay collect shipping
  2. Disassemble and Inspect Packer (1/2 hour)
  3. Re-pack unassembled Packer and ship to Coating supplier (1/2 hour) Pay prepaid shipping
  4. Wait for Packer to return from supplier (1-2 day delivery) Pay collect shipping
  5. Inspect and Reassemble Packer (1 hour)

Option B

  1. Order Coated Packer from Silver Fox Completion Services (1-2 day delivery) Pay collect shipping

You will notice that in Option A there is a lot of extra costs (most notably Labour and extra shipping) that are not required when you buy from Silver Fox Completion Services. We Disassemble, Inspect, apply Protective Coating, Re-inspect, Reassemble, and ship direct to you. We can even build the Packer to your specifications, whether it be HNBR, Viton, Barrier Stack, or Carbide Slips, you name it.

Call or email us your request at 1-403-342-1640 or [email protected]