About Silver Fox


Anthony Honke and Kelly Kykkanen founded Silver Fox Completion Services in January 2008 after both working for various Oil & Gas service companies in Canada.  The early focus of Silver Fox was on establishing a market for protective coatings as well as Flow Control tools.  By 2013, Silver Fox had expanded 3 times while also increasing our product offerings to include Packers, CW/WR Plugs, Retainers, Bridge Plugs, and Anchor Catchers. In November 2016 Silver Fox established a new partnership with Graham Chenault which extended the Silver Fox product offering and geographic footprint into the USA.  The product line expanded to include composite plugs and retainers while our footprint now included an efficient distribution network in the USA.  


Silver Fox is an independent wholesaler of Oil & Gas well completion equipment as well as a provider of protective coatings designed for extreme conditions.  We currently have 3 locations servicing Canada and the United States. Our Canadian operation is located in Red Deer, Alberta and our U.S. offices are located in Sanger, Texas and Odessa, Texas. Our various locations help us distribute our products worldwide in a timely manner. We have currently exported to South America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and various locations worldwide. 

Our core values, our employees’ safety and development and our customer satisfaction are the foundation of our business.  We strive to ensure that our employees, customers and suppliers are treated fairly, respectfully and with integrity.  Our goal is to provide durable equipment and protective coatings that exceed our customer’s expectations, day in and day out

Our responsibility is to be honest and give trustworthy answers that help our customers with both problematic scenarios, equipment selection and delivery schedules.  We stand behind what we sell and we always will.  We remain committed to being a solid supplier and your first choice for equipment and protective coatings. 

Silver Fox is excited for the future, and what we have been able to accomplish while working as a team within our group as well as with our customers and vendors.  We have invested in all facets of our business to strive to provide our customers with real service, real support, real solutions.  Silver Fox would appreciate the opportunity to support your business, to reach us call us at 833-575-8665 or email us at [email protected]

Thank you

Anthony Honke
Kelly Kykkanen
Graham Chenault