Abrasion- & Corrosion-Resistant Coating

Silver Fox offers a suite of industry-leading protective coatings that provide proven protection for your equipment that will last and increase your return on investment.

Corrosion-Resistant & Abrasion Resistant Coating

  • NickelCote™ in NC500, NC720, or NC910 in our standard 1.2mil thickness for moderate abrasion & corrosion protection

Corrosion-Resistant & Non-Stick Coating

  • TefCote™ in PTFE, FEP, or PFA chemical makeup that is 1.0mil thick and pore-free for extreme corrosion resistance and scale build-up protection

Erosion-Resistant & Abrasion-Resistant Coating

  • BorCote™ offers 80+ HRc and up to 5mil thickness that combats extreme abrasion and erosion

Corrosion-Resistant Coating

  • NapGard® is a thermoset epoxy that is up to 10mil thick for extreme corrosion protection

Silver Fox’s corrosion-resistant coatings can be the solution that improves profits and increases return on investment for your bottom line.

We understand that durability is critical to your operation in all facets of coating protection and plays a key factor when investing in oil well equipment. You will protect your investment with our advanced protective anti-corrosion coatings and our offerings in abrasion-resistant coatings and non-stick solutions. By offering these full suites of protective coatings, we aim to help your equipment last for its full expected lifecycle, minimizing wear and risk of failure. Understanding our clients and the environment in which their equipment will be used is an important aspect of our service.