CB Bridge Plug

CB Bridge Plug

The SPARTAN CB Series Composite Bridge Plugs provide a dependable and cost efficient method to fully isolate multiple zones during high pressure stage frac operations. The CB Series is manufactured entirely from unique high grade composite materials, eliminating the need for metallic materials to be used in the mandrel for burst/collapse reinforcement. The high tensile strength of the composite material eliminates the need for metallic or phenolic pins to be utilized or reinforce the mandrel/shoe connection.

The SPARTAN CB Series is a Solid Bore Bridge Plug, which blocks the flow from both above and below the tool. Due to the composition of the composite material utilized, the plugs can be efficiently milled and removed from the wellbore. SPARTAN CB composites can be set securely in up to P110 grade casing while providing consistent drill times of 10-20 minutes.

Setting Equipment:

  • Can be set using Baker 10 or 20 depending on plug size


  • Plug made from 100% high grade composite material
    • rated up to 10K PSI and 300°F (350°F option available)
  • Traditional gray cast iron slips heat treated to wicker depth only (Composite upper slip optional)
  • Holes drilled entirely through slip segments, which allows segment to break into smaller pieces during millout
  • Pump Down Wiper is slotted and easily threaded into the machined groove of the guide shoe
  • Can be drilled using conventional or coiled tubing

Technical Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Composite plugs are bridge plug or frac plugs that are specially designed and manufactured using composite materials such as thermoplastics, epoxy materials, resins and provide temporary zonal isolation of the wellbore during multistage simulation treatments and can be easily removed with standard drilling operations.

Composite fracture plugs have been used since the late 1980s. After the fracture the plugs are drilled out with a bit on jointed pipe or by coiled tubing (CT) with a downhole motor and bit. The debris from the milling operation is circulated out of the well, and flowback and production begins.

The setting tool used to set the frac plug is designed to carry the plug to its desired location. Once ready, a signal is sent down the wireline to ignite a charge that actuates the setting tool and sets the plug, alternatively frac plugs can be run on tubing and hydraulicly set with a B110/ B120 hydraulic setting tool.

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