SOXN (bottom no-go)

SOXN (bottom no-go)

Model “SOXN” Nipple is a bottom No-Go seating nipple designed for use in single nipple installations or as the bottom nipple when placed with a series of “SOX” landing nipples. This is due to the restricted internal dimension (No-Go) machined into the bottom of the landing nipple. This restriction has a smaller ID in comparison to the Seal Bore ID.


  • Land blanking plugs to shut in well or test the production tubing
  • Land velocity type safety valves
  • Land equalizing check valves
  • Land chokes to reduce surface flowing pressures
  • Land instrument hangers with geophysical such as pressure and temperature recorders


  • Comparable Otis® ‘XN’ Profile
  • Internal sealing bore for maximum sealing capacities
  • Nipple bore compatible with tubing size and weight to permit flow capacity
  • Designed for standard tubing weight
  • Premium threads available
  • Premium grades of material available

Otis® is a registered trademark of Halliburton Energy Services

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