SOX (selective)

SOX (selective)

Model “SOX” Landing Nipple is a top No-Go or selective nipple which provides for the location of various wireline flow control devices. Any desired number of “SOX” Nipples can be placed in the production string, thereby offering an unlimited number of positions for setting and locking surface controls.


  • Land blanking plugs to shut in well or test the production tubing
  • Land velocity type safety valves
  • Land equalizing check valves
  • Land chokes to reduce surface flowing pressures
  • Land instrument hangers with geophysical such as pressure and temperature recorders


  • Comparable Otis® ‘X’ Profile
  • Internal sealing bore for maximum sealing capacities
  • Nipple bore compatible with tubing size and weight to permit flow capacity
  • Designed for standard tubing weight
  • Premium threads available
  • Premium grades of material available

Otis® is a registered trademark of Halliburton Energy Services

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