Hydro-Mech Set

Hydro-Mech Set

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The SB plug was developed as a convertible plug that can be set with either Baker E4 Wireline setting tools, or by means of Hydro-Mechanical methods with our SB HM tool.  The SB product line was built in only 3 casing sizes, 4-½, 5-½, & 7″

The SBX plug is a successor to our SB cast iron product line.  The SBX product line continues the capability of setting with either Wireline or Hydro-Mech, but it is now more versatile as all SBX plugs set with same Wireline sleeves as our SWR or Bolt design Retainers.  As well, the Hydro-Mech setting tool has been optimized with more setting stroke length, as well as the incorporated Solid or Ported adaptor setup.  Sizes available from 2-⅜” up to 13-⅜”

Setting with Hydro-Mech requires an SBX Hydro-Mech tool with either a ported or solid adaptor on HM tool. If using Ported adaptor, user will also then install the Ported ball seat in place of shear stud. If using Solid adaptor, then just removal of shear stud is required.

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