5 Essential Oil & Gas Well Completion Tools

5 Essential Oil & Gas Well Completion Tools

5 Essential Oil & Gas Well Completion Tools

Oil and gas companies and servicers need a variety of resources to develop and commission new wells. These five essential oil and gas well completion tools must be part of any well drilling and fossil fuel extraction effort.

Once the hole is drilled to reach a reservoir of oil beneath the earth’s surface, there are many steps to completing a functioning oil or gas well. Energy companies use these five essential oil and gas well completion tools to prepare to extract oil and gas from subterranean reservoirs.


Tubing goes inside a casing to allow the flow of oil or gas from underground up to the surface. Tubing protects the casing from corrosion while ensuring the unrefined, raw fuel product travels to the surface safely without damaging other equipment. Tubing can also be used in reverse to pump fluids down toward the reservoir.


The packer connects the “production string” containing the tubing to the subterranean zone from which the energy company will extract the natural resource they seek. The packer protects the casing from pressure and corrosion, isolates the tubing within the casing, secures the bottom of the production string, and keeps different production zones from each other in areas with multiple wells.

Profile Nipples

Drillers working on oil well completion may place nipples in several places along the production string to enable them to place flow control devices at specified points along the string.

Bridge Plugs

Another important item in our list of five essential oil and gas well completion tools is the bridge plug. This tool can isolate the bottom of a well bore from the top, creating separate zones for maintenance. Bridge plugs can be installed temporarily and later removed or set permanently in the hole when the well is no longer productive.

Downhole Safety Valve

As a critical piece of equipment for any oil well, the downhole safety valve prevents underground fluids from escaping in the event of a major malfunction or disaster. The valve shuts off the well so that uncontrolled oil eruptions can’t reach the surface.

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