WR Retrieval Tool

WR Retrieval Tool

The WR Retrieval tool is required to equalize, release and retrieve the WR Bridge Plug from the well.  

The Retrieving tool typically comprises of a top sub, adaptor sleeve, skirt, latch, latch adaptor, and set screws.

The Retrieval tool is designed to automatically engage the WR plug with the appropriate set down weight.  Once engaged, the retrieval tool will hold WR in place while also allowing plug to equalize.

Retrieving: Thread WR retrieving tool onto tubing.  Run in hole until within 1 stand of WR bridge plug.  Begin circulating and slowly run tubing down to tag bridge plug, set-down weight onto bridge plug.  Allow time for bridge plug to equalize.  Pull over to release WR bridge plug from casing wall and pull up 1 stand to fully stretch out tool.  Allow time for packing elements to relax.  Pull bridge plug from wellbore.

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