WR Retrievable Plug

WR Retrievable Plug

The ‘WR’ bridge plug is a packer type Retrievable Bridge Plug. The ‘WR’ bridge plug is set using either Wireline, Hydraulic, or Coil tubing with proper setting tools, and holds high pressure from above and below.

WR’s are used for zone isolation, temporary abandonment, acidizing, cementing and fracturing. It can also be used for well head replacements close to surface.


  • Pressure Balanced Equalizing system, so Bridge Plug is equalized before release
  • Straight pull to release
  • Rotational Safety Release to remove Retrieving tool from plug if required
  • Caged Bi-Directional Slips
  • Easy to re-dress and repair


Attach WR with WLAK onto desired setting tool.  Run in hole to desired setting depth.  Activate setting tool to fully shear from the shear stud, once released from bridge plug pull setting assembly out of the wellbore.


Thread WR retrieving tool onto tubing.  Run in hole until within 1 stand of WR bridge plug.  Begin circulating and slowly run tubing down to tag bridge plug, set-down weight onto bridge plug.  Allow time for bridge plug to equalize.  Pull over to release WR bridge plug from casing wall and pull up 1 stand to fully stretch out tool.  Allow time for packing elements to relax.  Pull bridge plug from wellbore.

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