CW RBP tools

CW RBP tools

CW retrievable plugs, setting tools and retrieval tools

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A CW Plug is a retrievable bridge plug that is set into the wellbore ID to block off flow in either direction.  These are commonly used for well head changes, fracturing operations, cementing operations and wellbore suspension.

A type of downhole isolation tool that may be unset and retrieved from the wellbore after use, such as may be required following treatment of an isolated zone. A retrievable bridge plug is frequently used in combination with a packer to enable accurate placement and injection of stimulation or treatment fluids.

The Retrievable Bridge Plug features bi-directional slips which anchor the plug to the well casing prior to pack-off of the element to form the pressure seal, making it ideal for cross flow applications. Retrievable bridge plugs ensure full equalisation occurs prior to retrieval.

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