T-2 Overshot & Stinger

T-2 Overshot & Stinger

Model “T-2” OVERSHOT is typically a left-hand release tubing disconnect device. It is used in operations that require tubing disconnect and re-engagement without disturbing the packer, such as for mechanical set Packers and wireline set Packers.

The T-2 has 2 basic components: the Overshot, which is mounted on the tubing string and the Stinger which is mounted on the packer. The Overshot disengages with either standard Quarter turn Left-Hand release or optional Right-Hand release. Shear UP or Shear DOWN positions are compatible with packer setting and retrieving styles. The Jay Shoe on the bottom of the Overshot helps center the Overshot and also cuts through debris.

Overshot Features:

  • 1/4 turn left-hand release, auto-on, simplifies operation
    • Optional right-hand release
    • Optional No-Jay Shoe
  • Bonded seals allow multiple disconnects without retrieval
  • Can be pinned in a shear-up or shear-down position.
  • 10K rated with P-110 J-BODY
  • Allows Tubing retrieval without disturbing the packer
  • Allows full pressure test at surface
  • Extension spacers available for up to 48″

Stinger Features:

  • Land bottom hole chokes, check valves, circulating blanking plugs, & instrument hangers
    • Comparable Otis® or BAKER internal profiles available
    • Full Open (Drift) or Solid options
  • Nipple bore compatible with tubing size and weight to permit flow capacity
  • One Piece extended versions available with up to 48″ stroke length
  • Allows packer to be used as a Bridge Plug w/Blanking Plug installed in profile of Stinger.
  • Optional Nickel Plated, Boronized and Teflon coated assemblies for different working environments.



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