SA (No Profile)

SA (No Profile)

The “SA” Sliding Sleeve is an economical version where it has an inner sleeve but does not have a seal bore or nipple profile. It effectively controls the flow between the tubing and the casing annulus by means of an internal sleeve that can be opened or closed repeatedly.

Model “SA” inner sleeve functions as UP to OPEN and DOWN to CLOSE.


  • Circulating inhibitors or methanol
  • Allow multiple zones to produce up one tubing string
  • Selective Testing or Stimulation of individual zones
  • Circulating to kill the well
  • Gas lifting the well


  • Full Open design
  • Model ‘B’ shifting tool is used to OPEN (shifting UP) or CLOSE (shifting DOWN) the inner sleeve
  • Communication Ports can be closed without leaving any obstruction in the tubing once the shifting operation is complete
  • Sweet and Sour service applications available
  • Premium threads available
  • Premium grades of material available


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