Check Valves

Check Valves

Equalizing Check Valves are sometimes referred to as “Standing Valves” because they prevent fluid flow in the one direction (downward) while allowing full fluid flow in the opposite direction (upward).

Equalizing Check Valves are completion equipment, without any Locking Device, and are utilized in the following tubing parameters:


  • Seats on the bottom No-Go shoulder of Baker R profile, thus preventing downward movement.


  • Seats on the top No-Go shoulder of Baker F profile, thus preventing downward movement.

Running Tool:  

  • C-1 Running Tool

Retrieving Tool:  

  • SB or JDC Pulling Tool


  • Can be used as a plug to pressure test tubing
  • To set Hydraulically actuated packer with a check valve positioned below the packer
  • Used as a standing valve in wells which have downhole ESP’s


  • Not locked into the profile
  • Built-in method to allow equalizing before pulling
  • Available in 4140 L80 or 9Chrome material

Frequently Asked Questions

Check valves are generally installed in pipelines or wellbores to prevent flow in only one direction but to still allow flow in the other direction.  These are commonly used in acidizing and wellbore production environments.

A backflow preventer is to be used in high hazard situations and is meant to fully protect the potable water with their fail-safe design while a check valve is used in low hazard situations and prevents backward water flow but it does not have the same fail safe components.

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