Silver Fox Wireline Retainer products are designed to be set by utilizing a Baker Electric Line setting tool. A wireline adapter kit (WLAK) is required to adapt the appropriate size electric line setting tool to the Cement Retainer. Please check the setting equipment guide below for the proper setting and cementing tool requirements.

The WLAK’s are designed to be used many times. For maximum utilization, the tools should be disassembled after each usage, carefully cleaned, inspected and reassembled. Replacement parts are available from Silver Fox.

Prior to running the Retainer, a gage ring run should be made with the Wireline Feeler and Junk Catcher using the appropriate sized gage ring. This is done to determine if the wellbore is large enough to permit passage of the Retainer without interference. Inspect for debris inside the cage after running. If debris is found, repeat the running of the Junk Catcher until the Junk Catcher is clean.

The Cement Retainer is attached to the wireline pressure setting assembly with the proper size wireline adapter kit. The Retainer and WLAK should be run in the hole at a speed not to exceed 200 feet per minute. Upon reaching the setting depth, the setting tool is activated.

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