SWR Snap Latch

SWR Snap Latch

The Snap Latch Seal assembly in conjunction with a Tubing Stabilizer are used for tubing entry, sealing into, cementing through and closing the slide valve on an Wireline Set Cement Retainer. The Tubing Stabilizer is used to center the Snap Latch Seal assembly in the casing and is made up on the tubing above the Snap Latch Seal assembly.

When the Stinger enters the retainer bore, stop washing and set approximately 400 pounds down on the retainer. The Snap Latch will then latch into Retainer and the slide valve will be shifted to the OPEN (in compression) position.

The Snap Latch Seal Assembly may be released from the Cement Retainer by pulling 1,000 pounds tension at the tool and rotating 8 to 10 turns to the right. Alternatively the Seal Assembly can be released by snapping out with approximately 8,000 pounds tension force at the tool. Due note that each time the seal assembly is snapped out of the cement retainer, the snap out force is reduced.

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