Wireline Set BP

Wireline Set BP


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SB plugs were developed as a convertible plug that can be set with either Baker E4 Wireline setting tools, or by means of Hydro-Mechanical methods with our SB HM tool.  The SB product line was built in only 3 casing sizes, 4-½, 5-½, & 7″

The SBX is a successor to our SB cast iron product line.  The SBX product line continues the capability of setting with either Wireline or Hydro-Mech, but it is now more versatile as all SBX plugs set with same Wireline sleeves as our SWR or Bolt design Retainers.  As well, the Hydro-Mech setting tool has been optimized with more setting stroke length, as well as the incorporated Solid or Ported adaptor setup.  Sizes available from 2-⅜” up to 13-⅜”

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