SB Hydro-Mech

SB Hydro-Mech

The ‘SB’ Hydro-Mech Setting Tool product is a hydraulic/mechanical setting tool which can be used to set the Silver Fox ‘SB’ series of bridge plugs. The premise of HM set is that the Plug setting is initiated with hydraulic tubing pressure and completed with the application of tension.

Setting: Attach SB Series Adaptor (ported or solid) to SB series bridge plug. Thread bridge plug with adaptor into SB Series Hydro-Mech setting tool, thread down setting sleeve. Thread setting tool assembly onto threaded tubing and run into wellbore to setting depth. If ported adaptor is run drop setting ball. Pressure up setting tool to set upper slip of bridge plug. Pull tubing into tension to fully set and packoff bridge plug into casing ID. With tubing in slight tension rotate 6-8 right hand turns to release from bridge plug. Pull setting tool from the wellbore.

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