The SB Series Plugs are 2 plugs in 1.  Bringing the capability to have 1 plug that can be set as W/L or HydroMech.  To change over to HM, the shear stud is removed and in place a ported or solid adaptor is threaded in.  In addition the Retrievable HM tool is economical and easy to redress and run again.

Model SB Bridge Plugs are compact, small OD and designed for easy drill out. These Bridge Plugs will set securely in all but the very highest tensile casing. The dual ratchet lock rings store setting force in the plug and the one piece packing element combine for a superior seal. The case hardened, one piece slips virtually eliminate premature setting, yet can be easily drilled out.

SB Plugs are sold as Wireline ready, while the HM kits and Setting tool are sold separate.

One Plug Two Setting Methods:

  • One plug can be utilized in either W/L or HM setting methods, reducing overall required inventory
    • Baker 10 or 20 for W/L
    • HM setting tool


  • 5 or 10K PSI rating
  • Sets securely in most casing, including many premium grades
  • Ratchet lock rings secure dynamic setting force
  • One piece packing element
  • Compact, easy running
  • Crossovers are not required

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