SC-1 Drag Block

SC-1 Drag Block

Model “SC-1″ Drag Block Anchor Catchers are used to allow the placement of tubing in tension. Vertical tubing movement is prevented which in turn lessens sucker rod tubing wear. Their small OD and large ID permit larger volume production capacities.

These fully retrievable tools can be easily adjusted for emergency release by adding or removing shear pins. They are available for 4 1/2″ through 7” casing.


  • Standard Left Hand Set, Optional Right Hand Set Available
  • Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades
  • Bi-directional wicker slips give optimal casing grip preventing movement of tubing
  • Large Bore – Small OD, allows quick running and retrieval
  • Drag Blocks for optimal setting and releasing control
  • Right Hand Release or Emergency Shear Release
  • Adjust shear release in 5,000lbs increments
  • Once Anchor has been sheared, slips disengage and completely retract

Frequently Asked Questions

The tubing anchor catcher prevents movement of the tubing during pumping strokes and allows the tubing to be pull and landed in tension and holds it stationary if it should part. The use of a tubing anchor increase pump efficiency, reduces rod and tubing wear, and keeps tubing and rods from falling into the well in case of a part.

Why use a Tubing Anchor? During the down stroke, tubing elongates and the rods shorten; while in the up stroke, rods elongate and the tubing shortens. The elongation and contraction of tubing string along with the rod string reduces the effective pump stroke and thus reduces the production rate.  The tubing anchor allows the tubing to be spaced out and left in tension thus leaving the tubing in its straightest form thus reducing the area the rods can rub against on the inside of the tubing.

The tubing anchors use various tubing rotation and a serious of tension or compression to set, they then allow the tubing to be spaced out and left in tension.  Tubing anchors are retrievable and have a safety shear built in if they cannot be unset in the conventional way.


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