Different Types of Retrievable Bridge Plugs

Different Types of Retrievable Bridge Plugs

Different Types of Retrievable Bridge Plugs

Well completion requires various servicing tools and techniques, and each component contributes to the project’s overall production and operational experience. One of the key players in isolations and abandonments is the retrievable bridge plug for its ability to isolate fluid flows inside the wellbore. In this article, we look closely at two different types of retrievable bridge plugs.

Retrievable Bridge Plugs Up Close

Retrievable bridge plugs play a fundamental role in proper well completion services and techniques. These vital tools help stop flowing fluids or gases inside the wellbore and cut the fluid communication on either side of the properly positioned plug. Retrievable bridge plugs come with a distinct design that allows them to be removed from the wellbore after service completion and used again on another well service.

CW Retrievable Plug

The CW plug is a packer-style bridge plug that is reliable in various forms of tubing, whether coil, hydraulic, or wireline. This bridge plug can contain a high level of pressure from above or below the placement. CW retrievable plugs often perform well in situations of cementing, fracturing, temporary abandonment, and isolation.

This bridge plug is also exceptional for re-dressing and repairing upon retrieving methods. To retrieve the CW bridge plug from a wellbore, an operator can use straight pulling methods and should refer to any safety release standards for rotational removal.

WR Retrievable Plug

Another type of retrievable bridge plug is the WR, which is another packer-style plug that corresponds with various types of tubing, including coil, hydraulic, and wireline.

A notable feature of the WR retrievable bridge plug is the ability to completely balance pressure from above and below prior to unsetting, helping to create an equalized release. This plug type is simple for re-dressing and repairing for future use. You must allow enough time for the bridge plug to equalize before proper removal can occur, including allowing time for relaxation in the packing elements.

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