Different Types of Packers Used in Oil Well Completions

Different Types of Packers Used in Oil Well Completions

Two vital layers of production for oil well completion tasks are the servicing tools and how well they meet the well’s demands. Production packers are among these elements that help complete the necessary setting of a wellbore. It’s up to the operators to decide which packer to use and understand how each packer functions.

The Importance of a Packer

A primary purpose of a wellbore is to contain or isolate specified fluids. These tools serve as high-functioning sealers to complete isolation or containment efforts. They protect casings from various pressures or fluids that may impact the top or bottom of a designated production zone.

Three different types of packers are used in oil well completion—hydraulic, permanent, and mechanical. Each serves a fundamental role in downhole servicing, and it’s essential to understand the differences.

Hydraulic Packer Tools

A hydraulic packer serves best for well-completion jobs where production is applicable. This packer is unique because operators will use deliberate and specified hydraulic pressure to set the packer instead of using force on the tubing string. The applied hydraulic pressure is a piston and can firmly adhere the set to a casing. The lack of movement during the setting is relatively advantageous for various applications, especially in instances with multiple packers.

Permanent Packer Tools

A permanent packer can resist movement requests from the tubing and remain in position on electronic wireline sets, drilling pipes, or tubing. These packers are best suited in applications for isolation and offer various casings and sizes. A permanent packer withstands high levels of impact and external force, making it the most feasible packer for various pressures, temperatures, and casings.

Mechanical Packer Tools

Mechanical packers require setting by applied and deliberate motions. Operators can often shift this packer up and down or rotate it for an optimal setting. When it’s time to release the mechanical packer servicing tool from the wellbore, it’s as simple as tugging the tube string in an upward motion or rotating it if necessary. Operators can also set mechanical packers with weight. This means the weight of the tubing is applied by expanding or compressing the sealing elements.

Various types of packers are used in oil well completion jobs every day. It’s important for operators to choose the correct servicing tool per the well’s demands. At Silver Fox, we offer a full line of retrievable packers to serve and suit all well demands. Partner with us today to learn more!